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Business Cards

Business cards: it is what allows all of us to be able to locate a different person in a quick and agile way. Discover it yourself now. A business card or business card serves to have the main data of a person and serves as a way to identify and be identified.

Business Cards

A business card is a very fast and practical solution for the customer to instantly know all the key information about a company in a certain situation.

A professional business card is used to establish some kind of business contact. It should contain the necessary data at any time needed within your personal and business regulations.

What Are Business Cards?

It is called business card to what is a card made for users or visitors who are on site or place waiting for a service or things and it was a great photographic format at that time for studio portraits.

It was patented in Paris the capital of France by the photographer "Disdéri in 1854", with the name of "carnet de visite" (photographic portrait on business card).

Why Are Business Cards Used?

Do you know why business cards are used? It is nothing more than a tradition that makes its appearance in a timely manner to make itself known and was born in the seventeenth century.

But, really... What do we know about business cards? They began to be used in France back in the 17th century and gradually shaped it.

A business card is nothing more than a small document printed on a small piece of cardboard and it is where people's contact information is printed to identify them from a distance.

What do we Know About Business Cards?

They have used it in France since the 17th century, and the poster to Zenis in the 19th century is very similar to the final form of this trend.

In the end, they usually start using the white background and the simple design of the owner's name. They still have their own formats.

In fact, the same access also has symbols. In South Korea, the luxury community has opened winter rooms (or 15 days), and even open to the media during these interviews.

The community card is a replacement method of current response or WhatsApp. When the gentleman returned to the home and received the map, the right corner provided the right corner.

On the other hand, the left side, the sad stone, the president and food were destroyed. Therefore, language (for example, the language of fans) may cause problems when strict control control (under Twitter).

What Makes a Good Business Card?

All business cards are rectangular parts made of cardboard used to provide personal contact information. This language is missing now, but when you see an Asian agent, there is still a protocol in your hands.

The emergence of new technology and professional social networks (such as LinkedIn) will help the business cards pass. But there is nothing beyond the truth. It can be a great ally. You will understand your personal brand and let the real world know.

We must forget the importance of facialness, that is, creating people who can grow at the individual and professional level.

Business Card Importance for Private Labels

Many cars are currently published by private brands. But sometimes the best workers have done this for many years. Indeed, the personal card is forgotten, but for several reasons, experts are more important.

However, of course, all demonstration cards will not help achieve this goal. If you have any questions, my suggestion is like a digital printing expert.

This is a performance when you attend a meeting or a seminar or event. This will help people study our names and link the brand to all elements contained in the brand.

They provide us with the opportunity to express our style and separate us from others. Others should access the data so that we can contact us easily.

Standard Business Card Size

Standard business card method, 85 mm x 55 mm. For Spain, this is similar to the value of credit card or driving license. This book allows you to easily use a special investment portfolio or cardboard to save the card.

The most common size of business cards, classic business cards. It can be changed according to modern countries and regions. Adjust the following data -VO.

  • Visit European size: 85 x 55 mm.
  • Russian business card: 90 x 50 mm.
  • Visit the size between the United States and Canada: 88.9 x 50.8 mm.
  • Japanese business card: 91 x 55 mm.
  • Other parts of the world: 85 x 55 mm.

The number of business cards is also the importance of manufacturing materials. This is the quality of the map, the unique texture of the people who distribute it and the final texture. You should pay attention to the materials used when setting up a business card. I look at the details.

Business Card Materials

Paper card: The most commonly used graphic production card material. Cardboard lights are more paper. In this case, the cartoon is usually a set of 180-280 grams. In addition, one of the benefits of cardboard design when using business cards can be used in various colors, and these colors can be played with originality and creativity.

Handicraft paper access card: The current steam character is widely used to place business cards in environmental attributes, but it is used to provide increasing texture. The brown master is natural paper, but it can be found in multiple colors. Today's master map is very popular.

Plastic access: Plastic cards and plastic cards are common, but production costs are not past, but labor costs. In this case, you can provide customers with transparent cards.